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Workforce Mental Health Strategies for Managers & Leaders

Workforce Mental Health Strategies for Managers & Leaders

Support the health and well-being of your teams, your organisation, and yourself


– Understand the nature of stress and anxiety
– Review your workplace psychological safety
– Build a wellbeing framework to support employee mental health
– Develop good personal mental health practices for individuals and workplaces to ensure well-being




Melissa Harries

Melissa is a psychologist and specialist in developing proactive interventions that improve employee wellbeing, drawn from over a decade working with the Australian Army running a military mental health unit supporting a unit of 1200 soldiers.

She is also the founder of the Parramatta Psychology Clinic, in 2012, and provides EAP counselling, where she specialises in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace and Adaptability.

Principal Psychologist
Mindset Psychology

Workshop Day One

Anxiety, stress and our response

– Understanding the nature and cause of anxiety and stress at work

– Examining and evaluating wellbeing

– Mapping stress signatures


Psychological safety at work

– Understanding legal obligations for a psychologically safe work environment

– A multilevel approach to preventing mental illness at work

– Understanding psychological hazards

– A well-being framework to support employee mental health


Mental health for managers – Support your team and your organisation

– Identifying red flags in staff (how well are they really coping)

– Broaching the topic of mental health with staff

– Understanding referral options and the manager’s ongoing support role

– Responding to anxious workers


Self-care – Helping to build organisation-wide resilience

– Establishing a regular self-care routine for yourself to ensure stable leadership

– Encouraging positive well-being behaviours during different dispersed working and return-to-work scenarios

– Embedding self-care practices in the workplace to support the mental health of your team


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