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Women in Public Sector Leadership Summit 2022



As we emerge from the pandemic, we can reflect on how the state of women in leadership has changed. Or not changed.

We have national leadership that refused to accept the recent recommendations of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. We saw the bullying and forced resignation of a capable, senior CEO in parliament for no legitimate reason. We have gone backward in our representation of women in the ASX top 200. We now rank 50th worldwide in the representation of women in the lower house of parliament. We came in at 44th in the Global Gender Gap Index 2020 rankings, slipping five places from the previous year. But wait, there’s more…

The 2021 Global Gender Gap Index places us at number 50, a slip of another six places in merely 12 months – with our projected gender parity blowing out to 135 years.

If that’s not enough, at least half of all women in Australia have experienced sexual harassment, abuse or violence. That’s 1 in 2 that has been sexually harassed, 1 in 3 that has been physically abused, and 1 in 5 that has been sexually abused.

When all the statistics are added up, the enormity of the problem and the slow rate of change are quite frankly, depressing.


What can be done?

We can come together to share our ideas, share our stories, listen to those that have trodden the path before us, and take inspiration from those to break barriers and move the bar, each and every day.

Back for its fifth year, the Women in Public Sector Leadership Summit cannot deliver real change, but it does offer the perspectives, advice, and knowledge of women that have made it to the top. Join me at the event that is part inspiration, part education. The focus is to empower you to believe in yourself, put your hand up for opportunities and take your seat at the leadership table. You will learn what it took for our most senior women to flourish, how they stumbled, and most importantly, what they learned along the way so you can put that in your leadership kitbag and thrive.

The summit features inspiring keynotes, career-focused case studies, cutting panel discussions, and interactive workshops from impressive women (and men) from Australia’s Public Sector and beyond.

Shake off the depressing statistics – we must be the change. We must push forward and demand change. We need each other and to learn from one another to enact meaningful change.



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