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Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2021

Internal factors are always driving change across the public sector; new leaders, strategy, direction, processes and people.

Also, the speed at which external factors are shifting, such as technology and automation, continues to increase.

Government leaders constantly need to be evaluating business models and revisiting delivery strategies to ensure added value.


The global crisis of COVID-19 has seen shared services play a key role in supporting business continuity.


Now more than ever, increased emphasis is being placed on the acceleration of data analytics, process excellence and knowledge management to support business out of crisis and mold the new reality for shared services.


But what does the ideal operating model look like in a new era for shared services, where agility, resilience and workforce wellbeing are top of the agenda?


With that in mind, I wanted to invite you to the 24th Australasian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, taking place both in-person (Sydney) and virtually!


So block out your calendars for the 15th – 17th June 2021!

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