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Public Sector APS 6 - EL 1 Women in Leadership

Public Sector APS 6 – EL 1 Women in Leadership Masterclass

This is a watershed moment in your career and the habits and behaviours that you cultivate now will become the cornerstones of your senior leadership in the years to come. This intimate and engaging masterclass is designed to provide you with these habits and behaviours, so you can grow and scale your senior leadership for what comes next.

Specifically designed for women in APS 6 and EL 1 level roles, this highly engaging three-part digital Masterclass will give you key tools to thrive as a senior leader and set yourself up for success for the rest of your career.

The Hatchery’s most seasoned and highest-rated facilitator Claire Harrison will take you on a journey of lightbulb moments and strategically grow key skills so that you walk away refreshed, inspired and even more confident in your leadership and the path ahead.

This masterclass is:

• Tailored for you: Designed to support your leadership growth at a crucial point in your career
• Led by our most trusted and highest-rated facilitator: Having led 500+ attendees since 2020 Claire Harrison has received an average customer satisfaction rating of 98%
• Great for Groups: Group bookings are highly popular, with the opportunity to work together as a team as well as forge new connections across the APS

What can I expect from this online masterclass?

• Professional live online event delivery team and live IT support – This isn’t our first rodeo. We specialise in delivering online learning and have served thousands of customers. Our live event delivery team will be online with you to address any IT challenges and support the facilitator so everyone can focus on learning without any distractions.
• A personalised learning experience – With a maximum of 22 participants, this intimate and hands-on Masterclass will give you the opportunity to share your personal objectives and organisational challenges, work in groups to solve problems and have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator to receive personalised feedback and insights.
• Build new connections and a support network of like-minded peers – You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of peers, all with a special interest in growing as APS 6 and EL 1 leaders. Each participant will work in small groups throughout the modules to provide support, advice and networking between sessions, with many support networks continuing beyond the program as lasting relationships.
• A toolkit of takeaway resources – Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks and hacks that you will be able to implement immediately to assist your leadership development journey and career progression goals.

Who will attend?

Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders across the Australian Public Sector in APS 6 and EL 1 roles such as:
• Assistant Directors
• Senior Managers
• Managers
• Team Leaders
• Senior Advisors


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Due to the popularity of this event, a new cancellation policy applies. Find out more.

Attend to learn:

  • Build authentic confidence to lead with greater performance and clarity
  • Cultivate your leadership mindset for the next phase of your career
  • Develop your leadership brand to lead with greater effectiveness
  • Leverage advanced communication skills to scale-up your influence
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