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Preventing Workplace Harassment & Bullying in Public Sector Organisations

How do you ensure a safe & respectful workplace?

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work. Yet, not all workplaces are safe.

In Australia, nearly two in five women and one in four men have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Additionally, two in three employees have experienced bullying at work.

Workplaces have a clear responsibility to protect their employees from bullying and harassment but to do so effectively, requires a shift from reactive approaches that put the burden on individuals to proactive and preventative measures all workplaces can, and should, take.

The Preventing Workplace Harassment & Bullying in Public Sector Organisations conference will dig deep into the pressing issues facing Australian public sector workplaces and provide much-needed clarity on what your legal, ethical and moral obligations are as a workplace, and as a leader. You will gain valuable insights and practical advice to help your workplace overcome the often missing link between what’s written in policy and procedure, and how it translates into practice.


Benefits of attending the conference

• Learn from renowned experts with diverse expertise covering law, regulation, culture, psychology, human resources, safety, diversity & inclusion

• Accessible content and knowledge sharing at your fingertips – From the comfort of your home office, workplace or wherever you are

• Share your thoughts and ask your burning questions in interactive polls, panel discussions and live Q&A

• Connect with your peers virtually and continue to grow your network

• Get access to need to know information made available to you online both live and on-demand

• Reduce your carbon footprint – An online event creates less than 1% of the carbon emissions of a live event


Who will attend?

Executive and Senior leaders from Federal, State and Local Governments, including those with responsibility for:

• People & Culture
• Human Resources
• Work Health & Safety
• Health & Wellbeing
• General Counsel & Legal Counsel

This event is also essential for Managers and Team Leaders looking to safeguard their workplace and create a culture of psychological safety.

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