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Measuring Outcomes Based Approaches in Government

Over the past few years the public sector has undertaken a significant transformation to become more outcomes focussed. Measuring the impact of policies and programs on citizens can appear to be a complex and intimidating task for any level of government. But developing a proven and robust methodology that can measure performance and progress quickly and easily is essential to help reduce costs and increase resource allocation. With each level of government using different strategies for measurement and reporting to different bodies, the PuMP® methodology provides a consistent approach that can give your team confidence in the impact you are having on your stakeholders.

Following the sold out Masterclass series in 2020, Performance Management Specialist Mark Hocknell returns to teach a step by step performance measurement methodology that will demystify the process of outcomes measurement. Connect on any device, anywhere in Australia, and learn how to implement an engaging strategy and develop practical indicators that will not only measure performance but also demonstrate value and progress towards better outcomes and services for citizens.

What can I expect from this virtual Masterclass?

Even though we are going digital don’t worry – you won’t miss out on any of the benefits of a face to face event! Here’s what you can expect.

• Highly interactive learning – Designed to give you all the same interactive and hands-on learning experiences you normally would, you won’t be a passive observer in this Masterclass. Be an active participant through small group breakout sessions, Q&A and scenario-based discussions!

• Networking opportunities – Make new connections with your peers

• Module-based learning – Giving you the time to digest the content and put new skills and methods into practice between modules

• Easy to use digital resources – Walk away with a suite of resources and materials for you and your team

• Personalised learning – With a maximum of 20 participants, you will have the opportunity to share your personal objectives, have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator and receive personalised feedback and insights.

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