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Executive Assistant Upskilling and High Performance Virtual Seminar Series

Four Part Digital Course

Build effectiveness, confidence and influence to truly own your role

EAs are already the linchpin of the organization. But there are ways that you can add even more value by cultivating four key areas of your skills, knowledge, effectiveness and strategic thinking. Our #1 rated facilitator and podcast host Liz Van Vliet calls these ‘The Four Pillars of a Linchpin Assistant’, and we have crafted them into an exclusive training event just for you.

Thoughtfully designed to fit around your busy schedule, this interactive four-part Seminar Series will provide you with the tools you need to upskill and build the necessary confidence to thrive in your role. Develop your communication skills, cultivate healthier working relationships, manage increased stress, master your time management and expand your influence. Take away strategies that will leave you feeling empowered to step up in your career and grow as a successful executive assistant and business partner.

What will you learn by attending this series:

  • Cultivate skills to boost your emotional intelligence, communication, confidence and influence
  • Manage your time more effectively and use technology to work smarter not harder
  • Become a person of influence, expand your network and mentor the next generation
  • Align your thinking with your boss’s to anticipate issues before they appear

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