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Evidence Informed Policy & Program Design

Future-proof your policy design


With rapid political, economic and social change becoming a constant, planning for agility is essential to policy design. All programs and policies must be designed with a focus on how to respond to change quickly and be ready for continuous improvement. Furthermore,
with access to more data than ever, policy and program designers must contend with the difficult challenge of cutting through the noise, identifying the right data to act on, and communicating with it in a compelling way.

This interactive Masterclass is an opportunity to learn how to build agility into your program and policy design. Walk away with a ready to implement toolkit to help you outline your program, your proposal and the impact it will have on your key stakeholders. Then learn how to connect high quality data and evidence to policy design, and how to cut through and tell your stakeholders an engaging story about your policy.

Bring your policy or program problem. During this Masterclass you will have the opportunity to bring your own policy or program challenges to solve. Be prepared to work in small groups as you learn how to develop evidence-based, agile policies alongside like-minded peers from around Australia.

What can I expect from a virtual masterclass?


Even though we are going virtual don’t worry – you won’t miss out on any of
the benefits of a face to face event! Here’s what you can expect:

• Highly interactive learning – This Masterclass is interactive and hands-on, you won’t be a passive observer. Be an active participant through group based activities and get feedback from an expert on your problem.

• Networking opportunities – Make new connections with your peers in a small group setting.

• Module-based learning – Giving you the time to digest the content and put new skills and methods into practice between module one, two and three.

• Reduce your carbon footprint – Be socially responsible and save the planet by attending this online event.

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