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Enhancing Regulatory Investigations & Enforcement Outcomes

Enhancing Regulatory Investigations & Enforcement Outcomes

Discover new approaches to investigations & enforcement to drive compliance

The Australian regulatory landscape is complex and ever-changing. With increasing matters and cost pressures, regulators are actively looking for ways to ensure regulated entities are doing what is expected of them, in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Additionally, Covid-19 and the new normal have transformed the way regulators work with increased collaboration and innovative ways of working to efficiently investigate non-compliance and implement high-quality enforcement programs.

The Hatchery’s Enhancing Regulatory Investigations & Enforcement Outcomes digital conference will bring together regulatory professionals, experts and best practice case studies from a wide range of jurisdictions nationally and internationally to discuss how regulators can strengthen their investigative processes, establish successful interagency MoUs, leverage new technology and much more.

Why attend this event?

• Benchmark against other regulators and learn from the steps they have taken to improve investigations
• Hear a range of case studies on how regulators have effectively collaborated with industry to improve compliance
• Gain insights on innovative approaches undertaken to deal with increasing demands
• Get access to all the need to know information made available to you online, both live and on-demand
• Learn about strategies for investigations and inspections adopted during the pandemic that can be implemented in the new normal
• Bypass social distancing and keep growing your professional network by connecting digitally
• Share your thoughts and ask your burning questions in interactive polls, small group discussions and live Q&A

Who should attend?

Federal, state and local government regulatory agencies, government departments & associations responsible for:
• Investigations
• Enforcement
• Compliance
• Legal
• Regulation
• Regulatory Practice & Operations
• Intelligence
• Strategy & Policy

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Due to the popularity of this event, a new cancellation policy applies. Find out more.

Attend to learn:

  • Tap into success stories & lessons learned on how to improve investigations through collaboration & innovation
  • Understand how to drive collaboration between investigation & legal teams
  • Learn how to strike the right balance with providers, without enabling regulatory capture
  • Take away learnings on how to reduce politics as a barrier to effective enforcement
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