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Empowering Women in NSW Public Service

Empowering Women in NSW Public Service Leadership

Learn from the trailblazing women that have been there before

Women make up over 65% of the NSW public service workforce but are significantly under represented in executive leadership roles. As the NSW government works towards achieving gender equality and creating more opportunities for women in senior leadership positions, now is the time to invest in your career and pave the way for you and other women to crack the proverbial glass ceiling!

The Hatchery’s Empowering Women in NSW Public Service Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity to connect with inspirational leaders across the NSW public service, offering adiverse range of personal stories and candid practical advice. Be inspired by women leading with impact and challenging the status quo for inclusion and diversity. Build solidarity amongst your peers and walk away feeling empowered with a toolkit of leadership advice to accelerate your career to the next level.

What should you expect from this conference?

• VIP and sector keynotes, case studies, fireside chats and an interactive panel discussion detailing the challenges overcome and lessons learned by women in NSW leadership positions
• In depth seminars with practical toolkits to improve your communication and leadership skills
• Interactive group networking sessions with peers from across the sector who face similar circumstances to you


The benefits of going virtual

• Access and engage in real time anywhere in Australia and on any device
• Refresh your memory after the event and watch content on demand
• Lower your carbon footprint by minimising emissions
• Maximise your budget by saving on travel and accommodation costs


Who will attend?

• Current & emerging female leaders from the NSW Public Service
• HR, Diversity & Capability Professionals & Leaders
• Learning & Development Leaders

Scholarship Application

The Hatchery is dedicated to connecting people with knowledge to inspire change. The insights, lessons and networking as part of this conference are valuable for the ongoing learning and professional development of current or future leaders within the NSW public service. We recognise however that not all individuals are in a position to pay to attend. As such, The Hatchery is proud to offer a select number of free passes to current and emerging female leaders who are unable to cover the registration fee, but have a great reason why they need to attend.
To apply, please contact customercare@the-hatchery.co.

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Attend to learn:

  • Overcome fear & stand out from the crowd
  • Create an impact plan for your life & career
  • Learn how to speak your truth in a respectful way
  • Stay true to your values with authentic leadership
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