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Emotional Intelligence for Public Sector Leaders

Think of the last time a superior dressed you down unnecessarily or immediately dismissed an idea that you raised due to their own bias.
How did that make you feel?

It’s easy for leaders to slip into a high-performance and outcomes-driven mindset regarding their teams, which can come across as transactional and dehumanising.

It is also extremely common for leaders to allow emotions and reactions to cloud their judgement when communicating with their people, which detriments organisational performance and culture.

Team members need a leader that is consistent, understanding and trustworthy in order to function at their full potential.

Fundamentally, this comes from leaders being able to empathise with the needs and challenges of their teams, and have an understanding of their own motivations and reactionary behaviours .

Simply put, leaders need to be able to ‘read the room’ and demonstrate self-awareness in order to be fully effective.

This is why emotional intelligence is the X-factor in leadership.

After taking part in this interactive online masterclass, you will be equipped with a practical toolkit to build meaningful assertiveness, confidence and influence.

You will learn how to bolster motivation and engagement within your team, how to reduce conflict and build effective stakeholder relationships.

Alongside learnings, insights and skills development, you will come away with clear development plans and specific action items to facilitate long-standing change and grow sustainable high-performance cultures.

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