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Data Driven Policy Making

Using data with confidence to influence policy decision making

Policy professionals need to be able to access, understand and interpret data to effectively design and develop evidence-based policies. Due to the increase of data now available and the speed at which policies need to be developed and implemented, data driven cultures are rapidly increasing across the public sector. This has created a need to bridge the gap between data analytics and policymaking by increasing data literacy and communication.

This interactive two-day digital conference will connect policymakers from all levels of government to share how they are using data insights to inform evidence based policy and decision making. Presentations will look at the importance of using data in policy design, best practices for rapidly accessing and sharing data and tools to improve data literacy and communication skills to simplify messages to key stakeholders.

Benefits of attending an online conference

• Access to expert insights from policy and data professionals from the comfort of your home-office, workplace or wherever you are
• Network & build new connections with your peers during interactive breakout sessions
• Walk away with a toolkit of knowledge that you will be able to implement immediately in your role
• Reduce your carbon footprint & be socially responsible by attending this event online
• Maximise your learning outcomes by attending a pre or post seminar facilitated by an expert

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