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Customer Contact Week

Evolving the Contact Centre to Become a One-Stop-Shop for True Customer and Digital Excellence

In 2021 we’re revolutionising customer contact and spinning everything we once knew on its head!

2020 proved no matter the challenges the contact centre community faced, when push came to shove they were able to step up and adapt to disruptive times. Now the community is spearheading its next big challenge: finding new ways to drive digital advancements to meet ROI and true customer excellence.

Back in our much-loved home of The Star, Gold Coast, we’re bringing the full customer community back in-person – this includes contact centres, digital teams, CX and operation leads! It is here we’ll celebrate the successes of the past year and have in-depth, profound conversations on the future of customer contact and channel management.

Join us as we discuss where we need to go in order to become the ultimate customer hub for today and tomorrow!

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