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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Workshop

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Workshop

Unpack critical thinking as a mental process and set of action steps to address everyday problems


– Apply practical outcome-driven models for critical thinking and problem solving
– Expand your perspective and deepen your understanding of issues and problems impacting your work
– Understand team dynamics in problem solving and how to work with others in the process
– Overcome common roadblocks to critical thinking and problem solving




Garry Mills


Garry has 25 years of diverse experience across the public and private sectors, including a former bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other leaders in Australia and overseas.

His workshops and presentations blend his study of neuroscience, life experiences, storytelling, research, and practical tools that offer unique and engaging opportunities for your growth. Topics include:

·   Leadership & high performance

·   Mental health & wellbeing

·   Presentation skills

·   Critical thinking

·   Problem solving

Garry works with the public sector, executives, industry, athletes, and small business. He is a Beyond Blue speaker to help people achieve their best possible mental health, was a Team Australia athlete in a reality TV competition, and an Ironman triathlete.


Presenter & Coach
Garry Mills Peak Performance

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