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Building Data Literacy, Skills & Capabilities in the Public Sector

Build essential, everyday data skills to unlock the value of data

Data literacy skills are core to supporting effective decision making at all levels in government. Yet, globally 74% of employees feel overwhelmed when working with data (Data Literacy Project, 2020).

The Building Data Literacy, Skills & Capabilities in the Public Sector program will help you overcome these challenges. This integrated program of competency-based workshops is designed to develop data literacy for business people and managers at all levels in government. The course combines best practices from both academic research with industry experience. The modules allow you to practice your new skills using real-life workplace scenarios and receive immediate feedback on your output from the facilitator.

This program is perfect for business leaders & non-data professionals wanting to:

• Improve their data literacy to support decision making
• Build confidence to use and create value from data
• Communicate data simply, and clearly

Low data literacy levels are “a real barrier to businesses trying to build a data-driven culture” – Data Literacy Project 2020

Who should attend?

The Data Literacy, Skills & Capabilities course has been specifically designed for public sector business professionals and managers without specialist data knowledge or skills. The course assumes no prior technical knowledge from participants about data principles, concepts or software.

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