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Authentic Leadership for Public Sector Leaders

Why Authentic Leadership?

Authentic Leadership has withstood the test of time as the gold standard for leadership across all sectors and organisation types. Simple in concept, but deeply powerful in application, Authentic Leadership allows you to bring your whole self to work, rather than your ‘work self’, which translates into strong organisational benefits, including an increase of performance of up to 40%.

How Authentic Leadership helps leaders

While Authentic Leadership is ultimately designed to achieve long-term organisational benefits, it all starts with you. If you can determine your personal guiding principles, or your ‘why’, then you can use these to align your behaviours and decisions with your organisation’s best interests. You can rely on these principles to make difficult decisions with confidence and clarity, establish accountability and trust with your teams, and create a thriving high performance culture.

Why you need to attend this Masterclass

This Masterclass is your opportunity to gain a personalised understanding of Authentic Leadership, how you can develop your own Authentic Leadership style, and how you can use it to lead with greater confidence, purpose and performance. The program has been thoughtfully designed so that you get a chance to implement your learnings in the weeks between sessions for lasting results. You will walk away refreshed, inspired and already leading with higher effectiveness.

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