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20th Annual Government Contact Centre Summit (GovCC)

20th Annual Government Contact Centre Summit (GovCC) imGES

Is improving the citizen experience a luxury or a necessity?

Today, we’ve learnt the answer is the latter with the frontrunners in the government space focused on perfecting the balance between digital citizen experiences and human services.


In 2015 the DTA was built to help state and federal governments remove siloes, working closely to digitise their interactions with citizens.

This was with the aim to create a digital government by the year of 2025. We are on that road today, making incredible strides across state, federal and local government.


However, despite great achievements to improve the overall citizen journey, we still see increasingly high call volumes.

This is in part due to the complexity of government departments, their responsibilities and the struggles in communicating which departments own which specific service to the public.


The 20th Annual GovCC Summit will spotlight the leading government departments and strategies to ensure that as a united government body, each contact centre division is able to streamline and simplify the customer contact journey.

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