Writing Training


Do you ever get the niggling feeling your writing isn’t quite hitting the mark? Would you like your writing to be clear, engaging and easily understood? Do your case studies need the storyteller’s touch?

We can help.

In our lively in house courses you and your team will learn essential techniques from an experienced writing professional on how to structure, write and edit your work with ease.

We come to you to provide a training that is tailored to your group. For those who choose to, you can provide us with real documents from your workplace and we will show you how to improve them. 

The Comms Collective’s writing courses can:

  • Help you write in plain English.
  • Teach you how to turn technical jargon into something readable.
  • Teach you the art of storytelling within business writing.
  • Show you how to craft a compelling case study.
  • Help you improve the clarity and persuasiveness of your writing.
  • Teach you how to edit your work (and that of others) with ease. 

Our courses are run by Sue White, an experienced journalist and engaging writing trainer.

Sue White

“Sue is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer who provides you with practical tips to enhance your writing. Sue also adds value to the training course agenda where possible. I found the course very productive as it allowed you to work on your own projects with Sue providing guidance and feedback as you developed your work. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to learn and improve their writing skills.” – Jess




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